Plant List

We aim to replace all our machines with the latest models after 5 years to insure we maintain the highest standards of speed and accuracy.


1 x DMG DMU70 with programmable 3 + 2 axis

1 x MAZAK Quick Turn 250MY

1 x Hyundai 160M CNC Lathe with 42mm bar feed

1 x Mazak Nexus 100 – II CNC Lathe with 50mm bar feed

1 x Harrison Alpha 400 Semi-Auto Lathe
with XZ Capacity 15″ x 50″

1 x Brittan Repetition Lathe

1 x J&S Surface Grinder

3 x Mazak VCN 530C

1 x Mazak VC Primos 400S

1 x Mikron HEM 700U 5-axis with Heidenhhain i530


1 x Zeiss Duramax CMM

2 x Tesa-Hite 600 plus D Height Gauge

1 x Mitutoyo PJ300 Profile Projector

1 x Aberlink Axion Too CMM

Miscellaneous calibrated measuring instruments.


1 x RUSCH Dornbirn Saw

1 x Pillar Drill with ½” capacity